Winter Plumbing Checklist

Winter plumbing checklist every Utah homeowner should do before winter

  1. Disconnect and store outdoor hoses

The first step of the winter plumbing checklist is to disconnect all outside hoses. Leaving hoses connected to outdoor faucets during freezing temps can freeze and cause the spigot to burst as well as pipes inside the home.

This should be done no later than Oct 15th.  Hoses should be disconnected, drained and stored in a safe place for the winter.  This will make hoses last longer. Storing your outdoor hoses in a safe place prevents them from cracking from freezing water as well as protects them from sun exposure. 

  1. Insulate pipes in unheated areas

Water lines located in an unheated crawl space are susceptible to freezing.  Now is a good time for a quick visual inspection of your plumbing in your crawlspace.  Inspect water lines that are already insulated to be sure the insulation has not been damaged over the summer by rodents. And check for water leaks.

We recommend getting hot water lines insulated if they are not already insulated.

  1. Sprinkler system winterize

Sprinkler systems need to have all the water drained from the sprinkler lines before winter arrives.

  1. Have a plumber inspect your house

Our Utah county plumbers know what problems to look for to prepare your home for winter in Utah.  A plumbing inspection doesn’t take a lot of time and is inexpensive.  Our plumber can advise you on how to keep your plumbing in good working condition all year long.  

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